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Edinburgh CTA Transit Radiotelephony A practical example video of radiotelephony for entering/crossing the Edinburgh Control Zone.

Members' Photos and Flying Stories

Our Gallery has been running since long before the popularity of social media. Nowadays, there is a vast amount of material posted by members and customers in all the usual places. A quick search of Youtube, Facebook, Instagram etc should provide plenty of photos and videos for your enjoyment and inspiration. Or have a look at our Social Wall.

Nevertheless, below are some handy links to some of the photos and stories etc posted by our club members.

September  2023 Evening Flight To Kingsmuir Mike Calvert
May  2023 Gigha Weekend 2023 Graeme Ritchie
May  2023 Summer Gift Voucher Flight Des O'Hare (Trial Flight customer)
May  2023 Gigha Club Daytrip Graeme Ritchie
July  2021 Reach for the Skies with Richard Murphy a short comedy, by JonahmdbJones
July  2021 "The Green Field" - Low Level Navigation Training - Exercise 18c Mike Calvert
June  2021 Dual Navigation Training - Exercises 18a and 18b Mike Calvert
June  2021 To Mull And Back Graeme Ritchie
October 2020 Imogen Naylor's First Solo Gordon Douglas
September 2020 Landing at Strathan Video Gordon Douglas
July 2020 Kilchattan Bay Circular (Bute) Graeme Ritchie
September 2019 Troutbeck Club Flyout Graeme Ritchie
June 2019 Glencoe Graeme Ritchie
May 2019 Damp Gigha Graeme Ritchie
November 2018 The Sun and The Rain Video Graeme Ritchie
September 2018 Mull For Lunch Video Gordon Douglas
May 2018 The Story of the Haar Graeme Ritchie
May 2018 Bagby Club Flyout Graeme Ritchie
March 2018 A Smooooth Trial Flight Video Drew Ramsay (a gift voucher customer)
February 2018 Taming the Beast From The East Video Graeme Ritchie
January 2018 Snowy Cheviot Video Graeme Ritchie
June 2017 Gigha Club Flyout Graeme Ritchie
May 2017 Heaven is Closer Video Graeme Ritchie
May 2017 Quik Mull Stopover Graeme Ritchie
August 2016 Chateaux Tour of The Loire Graeme Ritchie
2016 France (the Brexit Tour) by Jill Douglas
July 2016 Air Show by Jill Douglas
March 2016 Gordon and Jill's Amazing Snowy Glencoe Video Gordon Douglas
October 2015 Four Nations Flying Tour (Scotland, England, France and Wales) Graeme Ritchie
June 2015 Echo Golf does France in styleesh formation Neil McCorquodale
September 2014 Plockton Team Lunch Graeme Ritchie
April 2014 Sunny West is Best Graeme Ritchie
April 2014 Dropping in to Gigha for BBQ lunch on the beach Graeme Ritchie
2013 France Trip by Geoff Sharwood-Smith
May 2013 Hebridean Mini-Adventure - Club Flyout to Gigha Graeme Ritchie
May 2013 Kim Lands Us on Gigha Graeme Ritchie
August 2012 Island Girl - Kim and I fly Kim's friends to Bute Graeme Ritchie
July 2012 A Grand Design Graeme Ritchie
July 2012 FlyDay - Video of a visit to Stratheaven Graeme Ritchie's passenger - friend of Richard Murphy
May 2012 Way Out West Graeme Ritchie
December 2011 Dropping In Graeme Ritchie
2011 Touring Equipment Jill Douglas
November 2011 Ya Butey Graeme Ritchie
December 2010 All Flights Cancelled Graeme Ritchie
September 2010 Plockton 2010 Jill
September 2010 Wet Weekend in Plockton (the end of an era) Graeme Ritchie
July 2010 Tour de France 2010 Jill
June 2010 Midsummer Madness Kim Ritchie
May 2010 The Flying Trip to Orkney which turned into a walking trip to the Lake District Graeme Ritchie
September 2009 Lands End Trip Kim Ritchie
September 2009 Land's End Round Trip Photos Graeme Ritchie
May 2009 Colonsay for Lunch Graeme Ritchie
May 2009 City of Edinburgh Graeme Ritchie
May 2009 QuikR Photoshoot Graeme Ritchie
November 2008 Frosty by Graeme Ritchie
May 2008 Scottish Island Flights Photos by Mike Forsyth
May 2008 Hebridean Heaven Photos by Graeme Ritchie
August 2007 Cornwall and Back Photos by Graeme Ritchie
May 2007 Round England Tour May Photos by Graeme Ritchie
July 2006 Air to Air Photoshoot by Graeme Ritchie
July 2005 Mull Magic Photos by Graeme Ritchie
April 2003 Teddyfield Photos by Graeme Ritchie
January 2003 Miscellaneous Photographs by Graeme Ritchie