Aircraft Servicing

Servicing - Engine/Airframe Work

At East Fortune we are able to offer many aspects of engine, airframe and electrical overhauls and repairs.

Gordon Douglas, on top of his many years' experience as a pilot, instructor, inspector and check pilot, is also a Skydrive-trained engineer (UK distributors of Rotax engines). He has actually been doing engine repairs since the age of 10, when he started driving karts competitively (he was British Champion in 1980) and what he doesn't know about 2-stroke engines probably isn't worth knowing!

We can offer the following services:

  • 2-stroke engine overhauls and maintenance
  • A, B & C-type gearbox overhauls and servicing
  • 4-stroke engine servicing
  • 4-stroke gearbox servicing
  • Shock-load tests on 2 and 4 stroke engines and gearboxes after propellor strikes
  • Bead blasting and welding (exhausts etc)

Other aspects of airframe and electrical work can also be carried out. Please call for further details, prices etc.

The Rotax 912s