Training Prices

Indicative Cost of Training For Your Licence

We are often asked how much it costs and how long it takes to get your pilot's licence.... the answer we usually give is "how long is a piece of string"! This is because everyone learns at a different rate - depending on your age, the frequency of your lessons, natural aptitude, luck with the weather etc. So although the minimum number of hours required by law is 25, in reality it generally takes people between about 30 and 40 hours.

Once it becomes apparent that you are on your way to going solo, we will encourage you to think about purchasing your own aircraft, or a share in one. Our instructors' aircraft are not insured for flights by solo students, so it is a good time to think about buying something to complete your training on. These are available at a great variety of prices, so don't despair if you can't afford one of the 'hot ships' on your own - shares in modern machines are often available from as little as £3000 - £4000. Once you have your own aircraft, the hourly rate goes down slightly, but once you are solo it goes down substantially. Plus, once you have your own aircraft (or share in one) you can fly solo whenever you want, so long as an instructor is present, feels that the conditions are suitable for you, and has signed you out to fly.

So let's say that you do 30 lessons in the instructor's aircraft and then purchase your own and do your 10+ hours solo in your own aircraft. You will then do some more dual with your instructor and sit your test. Total cost approximately £4000.

Flying Lesson Prices

Dual Instruction Two hour lesson with the instructor including one hour logged flying time in the instructor's aircraft. £135
Dual Instruction Two hour lesson with the instructor including one hour logged flying time the student's own aircraft. £110
Solo Supervision Instructor supervision of student flying solo in their own aircraft. Per hour... £40
GST General Skills Test (includes flight test, oral test and licence application, but does not include instructor flying time). £85
Revalidation GST General Skills Test for purposes of revalidation (includes flight test but does not include instructor flying time). £42.50

Ground School Prices

Ground School Ground School Course covering: Aircraft Technical, Navigation, Meteorology, Air Law, Human Factors, and including all exams. £350
Ground School Exams only. £150
One to One Tuition Theory and practical. Per hour... £40